Baby Bassinet Wedge for Reflux Relief|12-Degree Incline Sleep Positioner|Elevated Pillow for Newborn Infant with Dual Cover|Ideal Baby Shower Gift|Anti Colic & Congestion Sleeper|Mattress Insert Wedge

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Triple N Baby Bassinet Wedge - A Better Choice for Your Baby

Triple N Universal Bassinet Wedge helps your baby sleep better and longer through the night by gently elevating the head, neck and torso. This makes transitioning to the bassinet or crib much easier. Our ideal 12-degree incline is recommended by pediatricians for newborns. The bassinet memory foam pillow has a special design. Doctors recommend that 12-degree incline safely places your baby's head & torso for sound and comfortable sleep. Therefore, we have carefully designed a special wedge pillow that is 12 degrees inclined and helps your child in dealing with infant acid reflux as well as nasal congestion in a simple and natural way. This Bassinet is covered by two different layers, a waterproof one so that no liquid material reaches the foam and a 100% cotton exterior which is soft and cozy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bassinet Wedge is free from BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead or flame retardants.

  • Our firm foam pillow provides maximum support to the baby's head

  • The organic cotton cover is easy to clean & it is machine washable.

  • It has a waterproof inner cover which can be easily wiped with warm water and mild soap.

  • It provides great support to the back and belly during pregnancy.


  • Covered by dual layers

  • Waterproof interior cover

  • Machine-washable exterior cover

  • Inclination: 12 degrees

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