Baby Flat Head Shaping |Prevent Flat Head| Pillow With Memory Foam + FREE eBOOK- Newborn Infant Flat-Head Syndrome+100% Cotton Pillow Cover+TWO Pillowcases 100% Organic Bamboo And Velvet Pillowcase

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Our Baby flat head shaping pillow designed with memory foam will provide: ★Head and neck support for new born baby up to toddler ★Helps to keep baby’s spine aligned while sleeping★Memory-foam which remembers baby’s head shape★Gives baby a restful sleep★Our pillow is lightweight and comfortable for your baby.

FREE eBook - ◆A Tiny eBook About Baby Flat-Head Syndrome◆ - a little ebook with a lot of useful information about what plagiocephaly is, the signs, and the suggested solutions to help your baby. Especially useful for new mothers.

♥Give your baby the comfort he/she deserves!♥ Our pillow is covered with 100% cotton fabric. The memory foam is ventilated and makes it breathable for your baby. It is hand and machine washable. We have included two pillow cases – one 100% Organic Bamboo and one Velvet – to make baby feel comfortable and to ensure that you have a cover for the pillow at all times.

Brand Story

Limi Designs Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow was created by a mother whose main priority is that of a newborn. Once the baby leaves the warmth and comfort of the womb, you have to ensure the same or better for your baby. This mother knows the importance of sleep for any baby and so she created LiMi Designs Baby Flat Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow, Cotton Pillow Case,  and 100% Organic Bamboo and Velvet Pillowcases to make sure that any baby will rest comfortably - every time! It is all about the love♥ for your baby♥.

Every baby needs:

  • comfort
  • good body alignment 
  • organic products
  • love

♥Love your baby today...and always!♥

Product & Package Details:

Ergonomic Memory Foam Baby Pillow - 23*23*3cm

100% Organic Bamboo & Velvet Pillowcases - 23*23*0.5cm

Discount Insert Card with FREE EBOOK★ A Tiny eBook About Baby Flat-Head Syndrome ★ PDF access code