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Solution for Flathead Problems
Newborn babies are sensitive and need good care and comfort. The heart shaped pillow is specially designed to avoid any flat head problems among infants and babies at the pillow have a hollow round head shape which prevents flat head syndrome and keeps your baby safe. The features of the pillow are such that the head of the baby gets a proper shape during this period. The material used is a breathable fabric and good for extra comfort keeps your baby safe.

Product Specifications
·Material of cover: 100% cotton
·Material of core: Memory Foam
·Size: 23*23*3
·Color: Grey
·Recommended Age: 0-1 Year

Relieves extra Pressure From Head
The Flat Head Syndrome is mainly caused due to the fact that the baby lies in one position for a longer time on a hard mattress. The pressure on the newborn head shaping pillow helps to keep the skull in shape and relieve pressure on the head and neck muscle.

180-Degree Head Movement
The infant flat head pillow keeps the position of the head in alignment with their spine. The pillow provides 180-degree movement to the head and neck and the baby sleeps comfortably without any issues. This baby sleep pillow minimizes the risk of both flat head syndrome and torticollis among the babies.

Cleaning Tips
The baby sleeping pillow is suitable and easy to wash with both hands and machines. While using machine wash you need to wash it on a moderate cycle to keep it long-lasting.