LONOY Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow|Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention|Premium Memory Foam Infant Pillow for Head&Neck Support Pillow| Heart Shaped.

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★What causes Flat Head Syndrome?

  ☞Babies are born with soft heads to allow for the amazing brain growth that occurs in the first year of life. The flat head syndrome usually happens when a baby sleeps in the same position most of the time. The pressure can cause a positional flat head.

★A  baby is going to be sleeping an a-lot each day and that is why you will have to make sure they are kept in the right environment. For a flathead pillow, the best results are experienced when it is used from the very first day of life and especially before the baby hits 6 months of age.

☞The LONOY Pillow Is Designed To Prevents Positional Plagiocephaly ("FLAT HEAD SYNDROME"), About 20% of babies under 6 months are affected by a flat or lopsided head. Doctors recommend that babies should always sleep on their backs. However, this can deform the back of the head, a condition known as 'flat head syndrome'. 

♥Clinically proven to head shape development can be aided by the use of a special baby pillow. and highly recommended by doctors and physicians, internationally. 

♥pillow eases the pressure on your baby's head and has been shown to get great results, particularly when introduced before 6 months of age.